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About Studio Jantien:
Jantien has a deep routed background in the world of interiors.
She was editor in Chief for Residence magazine and after succesfully relaunching

the magazine, she focused on designing hospitality interiors for international hotels

(such as the Hilton group & Louvre Hotels Group) & Dutch based museums

(such as the museum of Bags and Purses & museum Willet-Holthuysen).

Jantien also designed licensed home good collections (such as wallpaper, tableware,

stationery). These collections were sold in more than 30 countries.

In 2019 Jantien decided to start her own label, which gave her
the freedom to primarily focus on designing and developing home collections with an emphasis on quality, durability and local production.

Jantien: “I am always questioning what home means, what it feels like. And I think texture, colour and pattern are fabulous tools that trigger us and create a feeling.

Jantien’s work is very recognisable by the interplay between colourful
botanical large scale patterns and the clear lines of her bold graphic
prints. This gives her handpainted designs a timeless, refined, yet
contemporary look.

“I see the world in patterns and colours. I suppose, I’m a bit like an archaeologist who collects shards of glass and pottery. I collect colours, shapes and fragments of motifs and use them in my drawings and then classify them into designs. I love the way a pattern repeat evolves. Both in terms of scale, rhythm and colour.
And then the exciting transition of a flat pattern to a three-dimensional
product. I am truly fascinated by every step of the design process”.

‘Combining my handpainted designs with durable materials & modern craftmanship is what really makes me tick’

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